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2018 Fort Worth Livestock Show

Jeff Anders, Judge   Ron & Wava Roye, Best In Show   Todd Naragon, Judge

 Janet Lorenz, First Runner UP, BIS

2nd RU
 Teresa & Terra DeSautell, Second Runner Up, BIS

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Please address all correspondence to

Ken McCracken, TRBA Secretary
13550 Spring Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-2095
Phone 832-260-2398
TEXAS BOASTS a large ground area and within the state boundaries you'll find a hearty, ambitious, friendly and plentiful group of rabbit breeders, supporters, and friends!  The Texas Rabbit Breeders Association is proud of our state and the many members who are dedicated to the support of their Organization.
WE HOPE  you find our pages interesting, informational, educational, and a place you'll want to visit often.

IF THE Texas RBA can provide assistance to you in any way, please feel free to contact us. We exist to serve the Texas Rabbit Community.

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NEWSLETTER   One TRBA Newsletter is mailed quarterly to each member household.  All advertisements must be sent to the secretary’s office with proper fees, do not send to the News Editor as that will only delay the process and you may miss the deadline.  Advertising fees are listed in the newsletter.  Deadline dates for having all newsletter items to the secretary’s office are December 31, March 31, June 30 and September 31.  Ad rates are listed in the newsletter.  We encourage you to send in ads, articles, questions, recipes, comments, etc.   A listing of upcoming TRBA Sanctioned Shows is included in each issue of our newsletter.  We also have a listing of winners at each TRBA Sanctioned Show.

FIRST CLASS POSTAGE  Our newsletter is mailed to each household by pre-sort  mail.  Some members choose to pay a per year fee for First Class Mail.  If you wish to receive your newsletter by First Class Mail send $9.50 to the TRBA Secretary.    

REGISTERED RABBITRIES If you are a member and would like to register your rabbitry, and no one else has that rabbitry name, you may do so by paying a $10.00 fee.  The registration remains in effect for as long as your membership is current.   If your membership lapses, the rabbitry registration lapses also. 

SWEEPSTAKES CONTEST The TRBA maintains an open & youth rabbit and an open cavy sweepstakes contest for our members which runs from January 1 through December 31.  If you wish to participate in the sweepstakes contests, be sure to enter every show under the name exactly as you joined TRBA.  Sweepstakes points may be accumulated only by TRBA members and under the exact name/s as shown in the TRBA records.   Per ARBA rules, no one may enter an ARBA Sanctioned Show under a rabbitry name.  Points may not be combined or separated at  any time  during the sweepstakes year.

MEMBERSHIP CONTEST The TRBA conducts a membership contest each year which runs from July 1 thru June 30.  Only TRBA members may participate and only new memberships will be considered for credit, no renewals. A minimum of five (5) new members is required to be eligible for an award.  Awards are:  First place - $25.00, Second place - $15.00, Third place $10.00  Write your name on the bottom of the TRBA membership application to receive credit.  A contest total is printed in each newsletter.  Contest winners will be printed in the Jul/Aug/Sep Newsletter.   

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS  The TRBA maintains a Scholarship Fund and is continually striving to help our young people further their education.  Rules/requirements for Scholarship Award eligibility are printed in the first and second quarter  TRBA Newsletter or may  be obtained from the TRBA Secretary.   All applicants must secure a Scholarship Application from the TRBA Secretary’s office in the same year in which he/she is  applying for the award and must meet all eligibility requirements.  Scholarship Applications may be requested from the Secretary’s office after February 15 of each year.  

LOGO ITEMS  We have TRBA arm patches, caps, t-shirts, mugs, tote bags &  other logo items available for a reasonable donation. For information contact TRBA Membership Services Chairman George Procter-Smith by email at: proctersmith@earthlink.net.

YEARBOOK A full yearbook is mailed in odd numbered years by pre-sort mail to each member household.  In even numbered years we mail a supplemental to the yearbook.  Our target date for mailing is October, but is completed as soon after the July 30 as possible.  New members do not automatically receive a yearbook when they join.   If you want a yearbook or yearbook supplement prior to the bi-yearly mailing, or would like to an extra copy, you may send $5.00 to the secretary’s office and one will be sent to you by first class mail.  You may wish to note the following information for future yearbook publications:  BREEDS RAISED  If you would like to list the breed/s you raise in our yearbook, there is a yearly fee of $7.50 per breed  listing. Upon payment of the fee, your name is also given when inquires are made asking for that breed.  E-MAIL ADDRESS   We  have an  "E-Mail Address" section and you may have your name and e-mail address  listed for a yearly fee of $7.50 per listing.  We also have a JUDGES AND REGISTRARS listing for a yearly fee of $7.50.  MEMBER AND BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS  If you wish to place a business card ad in the yearbook the cost if $30.00  For other size ads, contact the secretary’s office for information.

 If you have any questions, need help or information, please contact any TRBA Officer

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